Workplace for People With Colour Blindness

Different Types of Colour Blindness
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Bottm left – By Tohaomg – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 
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The human resource department needs to address the importance of accessibility in the workplace for people with colour blindness. Colour blindness is more common in male than female. Continue reading “Workplace for People With Colour Blindness”

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Serving Heroes, Enabling Passions

Serving Heroes, Enabling Passions
Children with special needs from Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS) are learning crucial skills on their road to independence.

Spaces Designed to Facilitate the Journey to Independence for Special Needs Children

Children with special needs and chronic illnesses are highly passionate, resilient in their learning journey, and creative in their expressions. They deserve spaces that empower them to explore, experiment, and learn.

Klique combines design insights and inspirations from years of in-depth conversations with various stakeholders in special needs schools and facilities, and infuses them with innovative perspectives to create conducive, cheerful, safe, and fun environments that maximise stimulated learning. Continue reading “Serving Heroes, Enabling Passions”

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From Coffee to the Heart, to Consciously Designing Better Spaces

From Coffee to the Heart, to Consciously Designing Better Spaces
Our projects with Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS)

It all started when we received an opportunity to design a space for a cafe located in Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS) in 2013, while I was still a Commercial Interior Designer.

I didn’t think too much about it, aside from the fact that it was a cafe for students with special needs.

But when I saw these students actually patronising the store, and having loads of fun exploring and soaking in the ambience that we had crafted for them, my entire perspective of designing such spaces completely shifted. Continue reading “From Coffee to the Heart, to Consciously Designing Better Spaces”

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Interior Design for the Special Needs School

CPAS classrooms
One of our projects with Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS).


Klique purposefully designs environments for special needs schools and facilities, so as to create custom spaces that stimulate children with special needs to explore, express, and experiment in a safe and meaningful setting.

Klique designs enjoyable spaces that enable immersive and collaborative learning experiences for key special needs care stakeholders.

Combining empathy with creativity, chronic illness insights with interior design foresight, the end result is conducive habitats that empower, excite, and inspire the superheroes that make special needs care possible day in, and day out. Continue reading “Interior Design for the Special Needs School”

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To You It’s the Easy Way. To Him It’s the Only Way

Lift for people with disabilities - To you it's the easy way. To him it's the only way.

Description of ad: A man in a wheelchair is in front of an open lift at an MRT (mass rapid transit) station. He cannot enter the lift because it is full. We see 10 people inside the lift, all of whom are non-disabled. All of them are ignoring the wheelchair user – some are looking away; others are checking or talking on their phones.

Headline: To you, it’s the easy way. To him, it’s the only way.

Body text: Often, we do not realise that persons with disabilities lack alternative routes to get around. To enable them to do about their daily lives, we just need to observe these simple rules. Avoid using elevators, seats and toilets designated for persons with disabilities. Also, do not park in front of ramps and in parking lots meant for them. Remember, their biggest disability is our apathy.

Credit to: Disabled People’s Association Singapore

Facebook: @disabledpeoplesassociation
Twitter: @dpasg
Instagram: @dpasg
LinkedIn: @dpasg

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