Welcome to KLIQUE DESIGN. We are a team of interior designers specialize in commercial office interior design and renovation in Singapore since year 2012.

Vision & Mission


‘Uplifting the Purpose of Life’
Understanding the purpose of life and embracing our mission to integrate design, innovation and technologies to improve the way people live, play and age gracefully.


‘Inspire and Develop the Workspace of Tomorrow’
Our mission is to inspire and empower people to think creatively and make sense of the way they choose to live and work in harmony with innovative technologies and liveable space.

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32 minutes ago

From bad to great 👍. It all about mindsets and heartsets ♥️

In order for our businesses to pivot successfully, our mindset has to pivot as well. When AirBnb lost 80% of its sales in 8 weeks, something had to change. Instead of trying to preserve an old ... See more

3 days ago

Interview with our Managing Director about designing better spaces for children with special needs.

It all started when we received an opportunity to design a space for a cafe located in Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS) in 2013.

4 days ago


Can stress make you sick? Can belief help healing? Do the place and space around you affect your emotions and health? Dr. Sternberg will answer these questio...