Creating Dementia-Friendly Environment

Environment Designed for People With Dementia
Dementia patients can be as young as in their 30s or old-aged. Every person with dementia is different and thus required different cares.

As an interior design firm, we advocate for creating dementia-friendly environment to enable people with dementia to regain their independence.

Dementia patients can be as young as in their 30s (young-onset dementia, YOD) or old-aged. Some of them have memory problems and some do not but are experiencing regression in cognitive ability like decision making or perception. Every person with dementia is different and thus required different cares. How do we design dementia-friendly environment to enable them continue to work and live independently as long as they can? How can we reduce their sense of insecurity, anxiety and worrying through purposefully-designed private and public spaces? And what are these spaces? Continue reading “Creating Dementia-Friendly Environment”

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V-Buster Nano Composite Anti-Virus Circulation Lamp

Decompose and Eliminate

V-Buster can eliminate viruses, bacteria and mildew (mould) of up to 99.99%. It can also actively decompose total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs) and particle matter.

H1N1, Enterovirus (HFMD), Respiratory Fusion Virus

E. coli (food contaminiation/poisoning), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (infections in the blood, lungs [pneumonia]), Staphylococcus aureus (skin/respiratory infection/food poisoning), Salmonella enteric, Candida albicans, MRSA (superbug) Continue reading “V-Buster Nano Composite Anti-Virus Circulation Lamp”

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10 Types of Dementia

Dementia is a form of cognitive disability. It refers to the loss of thinking and memory abilities that are significant enough to impact one’s everyday life. It is not a normal process of aging but the results of several brain diseases.

Dementia is not a disease but a syndrome. Symptoms, treatments and care are different for different types of dementia.

Alzheimer’s Disease

This is a common type of dementia. The symptoms are mild at the beginning but get worse over time. People with Alzheimer will have difficulties in planning, carrying familiar tasks and memory loss. Continue reading “10 Types of Dementia”

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10 Common Symptoms of Persons with Dementia

What are the symptoms of persons with dementia? We can help our loved one with early intervention if we know what is the telltale signs of dementia.

Problems with recent memory

They often forget recently learnt information. They may forget important dates or events, and ask for the same information repeatedly. The memory loss can affect their daily routine.

Problems with visual perception

They may have difficulties identifying objects in a familiar environment, and be unable to judge distances and depths correctly. Activities like reading and driving may become challenging. Continue reading “10 Common Symptoms of Persons with Dementia”

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Enabling EDIE by Alzheimer’s Disease Association ADA

Thanks to Alzheimer’s Disease Association (ADA) for conducting this programme of learning – Enabling EDIE. We were grateful to participate in this programme which is only available in Australia, Canada and Singapore.

In the class, we experienced how a dementia patient perceived the world with visual reality. It enabled us to feel the challenges they are facing and thus creating a supportive environment to engage, enable and empower them.

This programme simulated Edie, a dementia patient, waking up in the middle of the night and finding his way to the bathroom.

We were experiencing how Edie felt before and after a supportive change in the house (environment) he was living in. And how his wife’s quality of sleep was subsequently improved. Continue reading “Enabling EDIE by Alzheimer’s Disease Association ADA”

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